En quelles matières sont réalisés les Grillz ?

What materials are Grillz made from?

Grillz can be made with different metals. At M&co , we use these materials:

The different materials

It is very common to use silver to make grillz, but also platinum or gold.

The materials we use


Chrome does not break and is almost impossible to scratch, so we prefer it to silver which is less durable. However, chrome is not malleable, and so we use silver for stone-set grillz.

The gold imitation

For the golden grillz, we make them in imitation gold. The result is almost the same as with gold, with the only difference being the price. The imitation gold that we use is therefore more economical than gold, and is of good quality, which will last over time.


We work with this material, in particular 18-carat gold grills. Make an appointment if you want to make your gold grillz.

Discover our grillz , or create your own tailor-made here !

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