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  • What is a Grillz?

    Grillz are decorative dentures that add a touch of style and boldness to your smile. They are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, offering unique customization.

    Generally made of gold or chrome, decorated with precious stones or not, you are free to let your imagination run wild.

    Historical point by Chris from Hyconiq 
  • Custom manufacturing

    Our grillz are made directly on your dental impressions, ensuring a perfect fit of the jewelry.

    Our artisans design your grills using high quality and biocompatible materials.

  • Health

    It is important to wear your Grillz safely.

    Here are some important recommendations:

    • Avoid eating, drinking or performing physical activity while wearing your grillz to avoid any risk of damage or ingestion.
    • Grillz go hand in hand with good dental hygiene. Clean your grills to maintain optimal oral hygiene.
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