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Grillz M&co

M&co Gift Cards

M&co Gift Cards

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Do you want to offer a smile to a loved one?

The M&co Gift Card allows you to offer one or more tailor-made Grillz, leaving the choice of design to the lucky recipient.

We offer three amounts for the gift card: €50, €100 or €150.

Note that, kit included, a Grillz Full costs €85.

  • Custom made
  • Bio compatible
  • Delivery in 5 working days
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Grillz M&co

Designed for your style

Our Grillz are designed to be unique to each of you, so rest assured no one else will be able to put it on.

Be creative

Unleash your creativity

Each Grillz is unique so enjoy!
Don't hesitate to personalize it thoroughly.

Health before all

Hygiene is important!

Despite your magnificent Grillzé smile, your teeth should not be neglected!
Remember to clean them from time to time (but not on your teeth).

The M&co

Description & information

Custom made

All our grills are made to measure using your dental impressions.
Once your order is placed, a dental impression kit will be sent to you. The instructions to follow will also be sent to you. Once your prints have been made, you will need to return them to us at the address indicated so that we can begin creating your order.

Biocompatible materials

To make our Grillz, we work exclusively with biocompatible dental materials such as chrome, silver, IM300 (imitation gold) and gold. This choice guarantees our customers respect for their oral health.

Are Grillz compatible with braces?

You would like grillz, but you don't know if you can wear them with your retainer or your dental braces?

Wearing grillz with dental braces

Dental braces are unfortunately not compatible with grillz because they are too thick and are located on the front side of the teeth.

But it does not matter ! Come back to us to reinvent your smile when your teeth are straight and free!

Wearing grillz with the retaining wire

The retainer wire is a metal wire placed behind the teeth after wearing braces, to force the teeth to remain straight. Grillz can be worn over this wire without this causing any problems.