Les qualités de diamants

Diamond qualities

The 4Cs are the main criteria used to evaluate the quality of a diamond: carat (weight), cut (size), color (color) and clarity (purity). The carat measures the weight of the diamond, the cut refers to the quality of its cut and the way it reflects light, the color evaluates the hue of the diamond, ranging from colorless to vibrant color, while the clarity assesses the presence of internal and external inclusions. These combined characteristics determine the value and brilliance of a diamond in the gem market. This grading method was developed by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), a renowned, independent laboratory that evaluates and certifies the quality of diamonds and gemstones by providing industry-recognized authenticity and grading reports. 'industry.

We use two different purities for our diamond grillz: VS and VVS grades.

  • VS grade stands for Very Slightly Included, and has very light or very small inclusions, often difficult to see with the naked eye and requiring 10x magnification to observe. These minor inclusions generally do not affect the beauty or brilliance of the diamond, making them high quality and highly sought after gemstones in the market.
  • VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) quality is among the purest and most precious qualities available on the market. These diamonds have very very light inclusions, extremely small and difficult to detect even under 10x magnification. These tiny inclusions have little to no impact on the beauty and brilliance of the diamond, making them exceptional quality and highly sought after gemstones.

Here is an explanatory document from the GIA to illustrate our points.

Everything You Need to Know About GIA Diamonds

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